Nothing, idiots. You all mean Heartagram, made by HIM, not H.I.M.

a Heartagram is a symbol made up by the band HIM which is a mix between a pentagram (Notice pentAgram, not pentOgram) and a heart.

The symbol was then stolen by the second biggest douche (the first being John Edwards) in the universe, Bam Margera.
It's not Heartogram you newb. Even HIM's website is
by AigInsurance June 07, 2009
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The second most immature insignia to be plastered on everything from the bottoms of skateboards, the backs -and fronts- of t-shirts, backpacks, Bam Margera trademarked Toilet Plungers, and girls' right breasts. For first most immature see "MTV".
"Dude, I jus' got my matching heartogram tracksuit/sneaker combo in the mail from Hot Topic."
by Christoaster May 28, 2007
the heartogram is a trademark/symbol of the finnish love metal band HIM(formerly H.I.M), many people misunderstand the meaning of the heartogram. the heartogram represents the coming together of different ideas or forces, love and hate, life and death.

HIM gave partial rights to Bam Margera to use the heartogram for promotions and personal items such as skatboards and clothing. HIM is also signed under Bam Margeras record lable, Filthy Note Records.
by ercky13 May 17, 2009
The symbol of love and rock. Rock music that is. The symbol of love rock combined. also known as the love metal.
The heartogram poster is on my wall
by Robbie June 03, 2004
it is the perfect symbol!!! the rite mixe of life/death love/hate light/day. the heartagram stands for H.I.M as a band, as an entity, and for 'love metal' in general. it is not bam magera sign valo lead singer of H.I.M but gave some rights to it to bam for logo purposes and marketing. it also has nothing to so with the devil
Heartogram is the trademarked symbol of H.I.M and promotional symbol for Bam Magera.
by *frye* February 14, 2007
H.I.M. and Bam Margera do NOT own the heartogram. They don't. Don't get me wrong, I love H.I.M, Bam's okay, but they don't own the heartogram. They can't, you can't own a sign, not even if you made it up. It can show up anywhere, you can't make the world not use it.

Okay, on to the actuall definition, a heartogram, is the sign of love, and hate, or life and death. This reminds me of something I read in Harry Potter. Neither can live while the other survives. There can't be death without life, there can't be evil without good.

The heartogram is a combination of a heart, and a pentagram, which the wiccans wore, they beleived the universe is made up of five elements (note the 5 points on the pentagram), fire (pointing down), earth, spirit (pointing up), water, and air. This is the same sign 'devil worshipers' ware, but PAY ATTENTION to this next part. IT DEPENDS WHICH WAY IT'S POINTING!!!!!!! NOT all people whom wear the sign are worshiping evil, if the point is down, they are, on top there would leave earth, and fire, BUT if there is only one, and it's on top, that means they're a good person. So don't go off making a fool of yourself, pay attention to the points. If you don't, I hope you like trash cans.
Oh hello April, nice outfit! I'm likeing the pentagram necklace. Let's be happy it's got the one point upward-oh have you seen my new braclett? I love the heartogram charm the best. Hey. . .My socks don't match. . .
by XoX-Brooke-XoX September 13, 2007
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