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tobacco mixed with weed in a bong is a head rocker.
tobacco hightens the intensity when mixed with weed in a bong. tastes best in layers. you get the full intensity of your high immediately after hitting the bong toke...
gives you the same intense high as crack...minus the crack. thus giving it the name rocker.
just another term for tobacco.
1: yo..u got n e head rocker?
2: hells yea ... i gots a pouch.
1: pass that shit g... i need to get rockin'

1: did u see that sucka puke after that rocker hoot...haha fucking pansy.
by Captain Chronic October 25, 2006
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the brief feeling of intense inebriation following dicectly after a mole rip. (a mole rip being a bong rip mixed with weed and tobacco)
man, that was a headrocker.
by conskwerve March 14, 2008
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the brief feeling of inebreation following directly after a mole rip (a mole rip being taking a bong rip that has been packed with tobacco)
fuck that was a head rocker.

shit, i got so rocked off of that rip.

that rip was dirt, but it was a straight head rocker.
by omg123 January 12, 2008
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