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Irish term which has several meanings usages. The meaning is fairly intuitive-
1)verb; ... wrecks my head/ wrecking my head; something annoying or confusing.
2)Adjective: Headwrecking
3)noun; Headwrecker/wreck-the-head: an extremely annoying person.
1) This maths is wreckin my head.../that fuckin crazy frog ringtone wrecks my head!
2) calculus is headwreckin!(it's not generaly used in any other context, like "headwrecking calculus")
3) That Lorna is a headwrecker/wreck-the-head knobjockey.
by el-presidente May 05, 2005
A girl who messes with your head and is therefore not worth keeping.
'I had to dump Susy. She's just too much of a headwreck.'
by Ray Babycakes July 18, 2006
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