Top Definition
Hypnotize Camp Posse
the baddest motha fuckin klik in the world, (triple six mafia)
Yo HCP killin all these other pussy rappers..
by Crunchy Black November 18, 2003
H C P - Acronym for : Hispanics Causing Panic.
Look at those crazy Ricans! They're a bunch of Hispanics Causing Panic!(H C P)
by Los Cholos December 22, 2010
Happy Camping Place
hcp include Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail
by RonMexico123 October 21, 2008
hardcoreporn or hardxcoreporn
person 1: sup hcp
person 2: nothin'
by nihao! January 28, 2008
irc channel undernet
last night i chatted at #HcP
by fucken rat July 07, 2003
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