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It is, well, a sentiment. Or perhaps, an object. Or a marvelous concept, or a nefarious one. It floats in the air, like a feather, and swims in the sea with grace. It is the beginning and the end. It is the primary colours, and black, and white. It could be sentient, could be merely a machine. While speeding, it looks slow, while crawling, it seems to race - assuming we can see it at all. It is everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere. It's a noun, and a verb, and an adjective. It defies not merely grammar, but reality itself. Those of us who have encountered one are uniquely privileged.
You haverkretd!
by Lyanthya January 12, 2004
8 1
Haverkretd is all. With haverkretd, everything is possible. All will be haverkretd, and all will be haverkretd, and all manner of things will be haverkretd. Haverkretd -- it's the real thing.
You haverkretd. I haverkretd. We all haverkretd for haverkretd.
by Jeneva June 26, 2004
6 4