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A Haverford College male undergrad who fucks with your head and screws with your heart.
Any spoiled, trust-fund baby Haverford College student who pretends to be a socially-concerned, liberal, anti-war, mellow wonderful dude but who is actually planning to become a corporate SUIT just like his Daddy the minute he matriculates. Beware: all his "peace, baby" bullshit is just for show (or uttered in an effort to get your bra off). Very toxic, mutant strain of asshole rich-boy. Do not breed with this one.
"Biff said he went to the peace rally...but later I found out he spent the day in the tunnels having cheesesteaks and beer with the rest of the Cricket team! He's such a HAVERFRAUD!!!"

"OMG---Teddy told me he wanted to start a vegetarian farm-cooperative to feed the homeless when he graduates from Haverford, but according to our alumni magazine, he's a government agent just like his Dad---I can't believe I let that HAVERFRAUD get into my pants!"
by poppysister August 21, 2006
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