n. A dirty teacher that likes bukkake
OMFG HAVEN stop performing bukkake on Kelsey!!
by bukkakemonster October 19, 2004
A dark, damp pit of a place where skanks and assholes have to meet to bash other people.......
Have you seen the Haven lately...so mean and vile.Those losers have nothing better to do.
by Marshketeer June 14, 2004
the worse teacher, who is boring and a lacorte. also likes to give head to special students in detention
our teacher is such a haven!
by Bob January 05, 2004
the female sexual organ i.e. vagina. Often used in conjuction with word `shaven` to describe a women who has no pubic hairs in her groyne area.
That woman had the smoothest shaven haven i've ever licked out - that girl had a completely shaven vagina i.e. brazilian wax
by Nick C May 24, 2004
girl that not only has a bush but a clown nose on her face.

somewhat looked upon as bisexual and when she sees someone is jealous of, she goes PHSYCO. unwanted by all normal boys and lies as a daily routine. a backstabbing physco bush bitch.only pretends to be your friend to use you for information.
Channon: Whoa, you might wannna stay away from that girl, she is a Haven.

Dale: Yeah, i know.. But you should be nice despite her evil ways and get her some Vagisil brand ointment for that stinch coming out of her pants.

Channon: I threw some in her yard after we egged it last night, so I am the bigger person! Let's go to chuch!

Dale: Yes! Yay God!
by GetSommaThis! October 13, 2010
usually extremely ugly, weird ass smile, double chin, fat stomach
haven looks like mcdonalds favorite customer has she ever heard of a treadmill.
by salad barrr January 11, 2009
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