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referring to negative actions/behaviour that an individual was responsible for in the past and for which they are constantly reminded of by friends or haters who know about their past deeds and ignore how long ago all that shit was and how far you've come.
pronounced hate-ies, like the eighties.
hater: i know you think you're cool now, but i remember that time you were cheating on your girl, doing meth and stealing from work!

person: yo dude, that stuff was years ago. I'm clean, i don't cheat or steal and i got a new job that pays me mad bills. I let that go long time ago, I'm livin' in the now... stop livin' in the haties!
by c-hron October 20, 2007
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a person that is considered cool or extremely skilled at everything especially being cool
cam scott is haty because he just is
by cam scott January 18, 2008
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