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The one country that every Black living in the Western hemisphere should be thankful for and owe their freedom to.
The Haitian Revolution changed slavery, inspired the slaves living in America, and had a major changing role in the formation of South American countries.
Did you know that Haiti (hati) is the first Black independent country of this world, the second one to gain independence from their colonizers after the US, and the only country to have ever formed out of a successful revolt that resulted in the expulsion of all the French in the former colony?
No, I never knew that. Like all the ignorant, ungrateful dumbasses talking shit, yet don't know shit. That's cool, though. Never mind my weak ass ancestors who would never accomplished such impossible tasks!
by MixedBeauty February 20, 2008
The most backward country in the caribbean its so bad that its peolple opt for taking a little boat to miami or sumin
Your from hati?
i guess your all fucked up huh?
by jamaican born and raised April 16, 2006

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