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Hate mosh is the most violent form of hardcore dancing. Started in Jacksonville, Florida; by crews like MTS and OPDS, hate mosh is similar to hardcore dancing, except you don't do it inside of a mosh pit, you do it against the people who aren't dancing.

Hate moshers usually run and jump into a crowd of people watching the show and throw punches and kicks.
"I took my little sister to a show in Jacksonville, and the hate moshers broke her nose."
by NineHoFo January 05, 2006
To inexplicably "mosh" in an angry manner.

Try to hit as many kids as you can while you are in the "mosh pit" and injure as many "scene faggots" as you can while the breakdown is being played.
Hatemosher A: "There's so many scene faggots here."

Hatemosher B: "You're right... Let's hatemosh these kids."

Hatemosher C: "There's gonna be so much hatemoshin' tonight."
by fivedollargunshow January 10, 2010
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