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to send forth and object and/or a being and to propel through the air with such a forceful hateful manner.
Travis was so mad at his girlfriend's 3 year old son for constantly taunting him so he hate threw him out of the room when his mother wasn't around. It's not just a regular throw, it's a hate throw!
by nemosaeffinpremo. November 15, 2009
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The act of throwing-down, in a more violent, aggressive and hateful manner. Scenester/hipsters when spotted at a show, near, or in a pit, are victims of their own gay trendiness as they have the shit kicked out of them by other show-goers using the HATETHROW.

Most often occurs / takes place in hatepits.

Those who're self described as hate-edge, or members are hate-edge gangs are notorious for permanently hatethrowing, specifically against anyone none edge
Man 1: BRO, dude, BRO, what're you doing tomorrow night?! Oceano, Legend, King Conquer - Feel like gettin' your throwdown on?

Man 2: Mad scenestery, hipster kids + Oceano? - If we go, I ain't gonna waste time fighting the air with those faggots. I'm hatethrowin'.

Man 1: No throw like the hatethrow.
by Paulieknoxville January 13, 2011

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