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In hick country where there's no public transportation, you have no car, and your parents would rather go to Guantanamo Bay to be tortured than drive you anywhere...this is when you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 3 different restaurants (not at home) in different locations in the same day. An incredibly rare event worthy of taking your hat off and saluting.
Brent rarely gets to go out to eat, but today he had the Hat-Trick, going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, Burger King for lunch and the 99 restaurant for dinner.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood March 21, 2007
2 16
Having sex three times in one day with three different partners
I fucked Suzi, Carmen, and Dana...thats a hat trick
by Anonymous December 21, 2002
384 187
1) In ice hockey, when one player scores 3 goals

2) Fucking, butt fucking and getting a blowjob from your woman all in the same night
I scored a hat trick in last night's game. Then my girlfriend let me score a hat trick with her!
by Nasty Nate September 10, 2003
378 236
Penetrating all 3 orifaces of your woman in one sitting - a true hat trick order is standard, anal, oral.
I scored a hat trick last with my girl last night!
by Flopp June 02, 2003
264 198
To individually score three goals in a soccer game.
"Ronaldinho was one goal away from a hat trick."
by PucktheFolice June 30, 2006
177 119
The only game online that keeps people playing for years. A semi-religion for all who play.
I wonder if I'm winning my league game on hattrick.
by Dan Tutty March 04, 2004
85 28
Scoring three goals in one game of hockey. Scoring three in a row is called a natural hattrick.
I nearly scored a hattrick, but missed the net in the final seconds.
by Sam Orr January 02, 2008
34 14
The banging of 3 different chicks in one night, Usually done by Boss Players.
I heard that your boy Alistair scored a hattrick that one night in Vegas.
by Mad Stuntin March 22, 2005
47 31