A name given to a closet homosexual male.
Damn, that guy is so hass.
by Ninja Warior April 20, 2010
An abbreviation for "Hot ass". Used as a slightly sexist but positive comment, it's not something you tell to someone’s face but rather to your mates when observing a really nice-looking piece of ass.
God-dame! Guys/girls, look at that hass
by Anon2anyone April 26, 2007
The name or classification for a ripped and overly homosexual action or person. Calling someone a "Hass" is both highly critical and highly positive. By calling someone Hass, you are aknowledging their excpetional muscular abs as well at their unique weirdness. Hass' are very intimdate creatures. They masturbate frequently.
Hass, your so ripped

by meah April 28, 2006

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