Stands for hyper actively sociable. Means to be Turned on or Flirty.
"Man that girl makes me H.A.S.
by Ajedorno February 01, 2009
The world renowned High Altitude Shit (HAS) is basically when a person sits on top of a toilet cubicle, you can do this on your own or even better with a friend, and take a massive shit form the top of the cubicle meaning you can get the satisfaction of adding some good splash back and volume to your daily dump
-"What the fuck are you doing up there?"
-"HAS all the way"
-"What the fuck is a HAS"
-"High Altitude Shit"
-"Room for one more?"
-"As always"
by TJ Baxter March 06, 2009
Has means a manly girl, basically a dyke.
That chick in softball is such a has!
by Marissa June 09, 2004
One who suffers from dry, flaky scalp, resulting in dandruff.

Originated from 'Head And Shoulders'.
Ollie's got has
by Scotty G October 14, 2003
A man with a mullet,who suffers for dry, flakey scalp, resulting in dandruff.
matt got has
by Scotty G October 16, 2003
The clan "Hard as Shit" Fom CS.
J Masta is in HAS.
by Cocksucker November 18, 2003
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