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The epitome of all stuck up bitches who have rich parents. A typical Harpeth Hall girl is into lacrosse, photography, and cheerleading for MBA. And MBA football games. And MBA events in general. Basically, anything that has to do with MBA, a "Harpeth Hall Girl" is interested in it because they believe an "all girl education" will benefit them, when really, all it's doing is creating thirsty girls that are boy-deprived and desperate for the boys' attention. They must be doing a fantastic job on Spring Break in Seaside to be getting so much attention.
Harpeth Hall Girl #1: Hey, did you happen to hear what happened between Odette and that MBA guy on your way to your digital arts class before the lacrosse tournament?
Harpeth Hall Girl #2: No, I was too busy yelling at my mom for not getting me the right dress for Steeple Chase.
by mustang tea July 12, 2015
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