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The default luncheon sandwich ordered by corporate America, for corporate America. Its distinguishing characteristic is a tough, chewy, baguette-like bread surrounding folded meat and cheese and accompanied by a wilted pickle spear and condiment packets. It is second only to pizza in the most-ordered-yet-least-desired lunch food category, and epitomizes corporate decisionmaking in that the hardbread sandwich neither offends nor delights.

A hardbread sandwich (HBS) is best served in a boardroom or meeting room setting and usually comes in quantities of eight or more. The HBS is specially designed to help the contents slide out from between the slices of bread even when bitten with gentle pressure.
Man, Ralph ordered a bunch of hardbread sandwiches for lunch again.

That hardbread sandwich tore up my grill!
by Corporate Luncher August 08, 2006
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