A white person that thinks or acts asian. The opposite of a twinkie. They are white on the outside and yellow inside.
Tom is such a hard boiled egg he smells like fish sause, eats goat and only listens to asian music.

Joe loves China so much lives in Chinatown what a hard boiled egg.
by A.B.C.D. and the crazy girls December 31, 2011
Top Definition
n. When a young lad with no undergarments on proceeds to sit in a chair with the center cut out and a bowl in place of the cut out, and drop his balls or (nutz) in the bowl which is filled with hot water, to reduce his sperm count before going on an all week-end bender of banging one or more ladies with no condom, he gets Hardboiled Eggs, which help prevent him from impregnating his victim(s).
Paul hardboiled his eggs, so that on his 3 day fuck fest, he did'nt have to wear a rubber, and therefor, did'nt have to worry about getting Sally and Crystal pregnant.
by The Bimmer May 28, 2003
Longdale's balls

Hardboiled eggs > Naru
Hardboiled eggs are greater than Naru.
by Anonymous February 22, 2003
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