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HardMOB or hM was a large community and a great portal of games and online servers back old days,now is only a big forum full of angry nerds and mod's with affirmation problems.
The forum itselfs consist of a number of rooms that discuss from hardware of pc,casemod and couter-strike to barbacues full of vodka and Chicken heart.
Most the things that you post on the forum are old, even they are not.
Blogmobs, a lots of blogmobs.
Your credibility on the forum depends how old are you(if you have a 1999 count, you have a big dick, above 2005 and above 999 messages you will suffer from a lot of people posting and remember you curret status...as a n00b.

STFU 2007


UNImed will come to fuck your ass

JCA creates hardMOB,them God create the universe.


by YOUR ASS IS MINE August 29, 2007

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