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Not to be mistaken with the typical femme, the "hard femme" describes herself as "queer", is political, looks more feminine than masculine, and if prompted, can kick some serious ass. She doesn't need to "wear the pants" in a relationship- the hard femme rules with a dress. She not only despises the gender binary, she works to dismantle it.
Misogynist Butch: "There she is! It's that femme I told you about that tried to wear one with me!"
(Not necessarily misogynist) Butch #2: You should've known better. That girl's got "hard femme" written all over her.
by Donny's dyke September 14, 2007
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Another special snowflake label used by those who believe they reject the gender binary by defining themselves with it. Their attempt at taking typically masculine traits and mixing it with stylish femininity is their rebellion against society. Hard femmes believe that they are ostracized by society for being different, even though they're just as quick to antagonize and harass outsiders who question or even those who are genuinely interested in their lifestyle.
"I'm a hard femme, but also genderqueer. What, you don't know what that is? I don't have to define myself to you! Check your privilege ignorant cis-scum!
by HarborDosen October 08, 2012
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