Someone being condescendingly friendly. Someone who is a phony.
After rob gets done beating his wife and 3 little children his wife's sister calls and he answers the phone " Hey Sue, cute patootie, how ya been? Long time no see". What a happy jack!
by Mr. Wouldntuliketokno November 29, 2007
Top Definition
A bottom who combines receptive bareback anal sex with receptive fisting (either before or after). An underground slang of Sacramento origin.
That happyjack woke up sore because he's been happyjacking all night with Jim.
by redbook January 20, 2007
Getting rid of all the tobacco in a cigarette, and replacing it with weed.
I don't have any J papers, wanna Happy Jack it?
by Smacked Man May 30, 2008
A cigarette with the tobacco removed and weed put in. Something not so many people do but should do more often. it's easier than rolling and WORKS!
You got some rolling papers bro?

Nah, let's just make a happy jack.

by happy jacker February 22, 2009
when smoking a joint put a mint breath strip on your tongue so that you can taste winter in your mouth
guy1: Dude, i totally smoked a Happy Jack
guy2: no way, how was it
guy1: it was like winter in my mouth
by The Stale Cow July 24, 2011
slipping someone viagra at a party after they have a couple beer.
the dude was to drunk to notic he had a happy jack. he walked around with a stiffy all night
by Eddy Mac October 09, 2006
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