Someone who thinks that everything would be alright if only people would stop complaining.
That davep's a right Happy Clappy
by Gregory Peckary September 23, 2003
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A derogatory term, used to describe evangelical Christain fundamentalists; usually those who express their faith through modern music or other media.
Some bloody happy clappy thinks he can wake me up before 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday to talk me about God!? I'll show him!
by Molecule802.11 April 05, 2009
A term mainly used by older generations to describe harmless, usually religious songs, or groups of singers. Songs sung at Brownie meetings, or by nuns visiting play groups for kids, for example.
Sometimes a guitar or piano features in the proceedings.
Often a tamborine.
"Were you there when the Singin Nun came by?"
"Yeah, that was so damned happy clappy."
by Wolfacius April 30, 2005
any kind of music thats makes you smile and want to join in spreading love and peace to your fellow man
Id like to teach the world to sing - by the New Seekers and anything by the Polyphonic Spree
by mizz spent youth February 28, 2004

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