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Japanese baseball team based in Osaka.
rivals of the Tokyo (Yomiuri) Giants.
they haven't won the title since 1985.
by 5150 August 01, 2004
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A shit baseball team based in the suburb of Osaka, Japan. More choke jobs than any baseball fan in the world can count. 50% of their fans are hooligans, while the other 50% are wannabe hooligans/bandwagon fans who only jump in on the very rare occasion when they have a good season.

In other words, they're the Japanese baseball's answer to the Chicago Cubs.
History of the Hanshin Tigers: Countless years of horrible baseball, with the only bright moment coming in 1985 when they won their only Japan Series title. They had a chance to win another in 2003, but choked away a 3-2 lead to the Daiei Hawks.
by KRHimself September 17, 2005
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