When a hand is outstretched as an offer of friendship, such as a handshake, but the other person does not respond.
If someone offers a hand to shake and I don't notice or reciprocate, the person asks, "You gonna' let me hang?" In other words, are you going to offend me by publicly declining my offer of friendship.

My hand is now obviously open. Will you intentionally ignore it to humiliate me.
by RPeters1 March 15, 2007
just another word for wait or no
can i have a drink? ..... hang
by Flavers March 29, 2005
To dangle or swing by the by neck until the life passes out of your body and you crap yourself. What occurs when your tie gets caught in the ceiling fan.
"You shall hang by the neck till you are dead"
"But all I did was boink the sheriff's daughter"
by dan October 09, 2003
to suspend from a rope, also, to execute a person in the same manner
I hung the engine on some chain so I could do the heads.

He was hung after being convicted of treason
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
when you cant be a lotta time fuckin cuz your dick its weak
a couple is fuckin
girl: is that it? WTF nigga you cant hang?
by luvcoquito April 20, 2007
1.to attach or suspend, like from a tree

2.something that i would like to do to Ben Lynch for being a homo BUTT FUCK ,dickhole
I Jotaku, would like to HANG Ben Lynch, and ONLY Ben Lynch for wanting to butt fuck me in the ass,yet I bet he sucks a MEAN dick!
by Jotaku December 22, 2004
Name for a pal, friend, or acquaintance.
What's up Hang?
by J-Mo January 19, 2004

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