Mickey's Malt Liquor, sold in bottles which resemble a hand grenade.
"I'm in New York at the Puerto Rican day parade,
then at night I'm in New Orleans drinkin hand grenades." - Ludacris: Pimpin' All Over the World
by Kyle H September 22, 2005
When wishing to impose justice on a woman, clench the fist as if to punch something. With the fingers of the other hand, slightly part the lips of the woman's vag and thrust the clenched fist deep inside. This is the hand grenade, and is used around the world to evoke a mixture of both pain and pleasure.
Marjory sat on Charles' lap whilst he tenderly stroked her soft blonde hair and nibbled her ear, then *BAM*...he hit her with the 'nade.
by Dom Spooner January 27, 2005
A gesture thrown by hand thumbs up or thumb up if only using one hand, ie the Fonz. A final affirmation for when everything is spot on. (Friendship goes with a bang!)
When you look at your hand in the thumbs up gesture side on, if you look closely at the four curled fingers that go into the palm and notice the edge of the knuckles it looks very much like the classic early Hand Grenade known as the pineapple hand grenade. Now looking back at your hand in the thumbs up gesture if you curl over your thumb and imagine its inside the ring that’s joined onto the pin, then move your thumb up as if to remove the pin thumbs up BOOM. A hand gesture thrown by the hand grenade Friendship goes with a bang!

by ThumbPin June 04, 2007
Hand Grenade is the awesome Hedley song from the CD Famous Last Words
Megan- omg did you hear the new song Hand Grenade off of Hedleys new CD Famous Last Words?

Sally- nope

Megan- what a fucking fag you never heard Hand Grenade? pshh, i am dissapointed in you Sally

Sally- *goes home crying*
by sink_0r_swim October 30, 2007
A simple cocktail of coke and vodka.

Take one can of coca cola, drink it down about a tenth of the way and apply vodka liberally (or to yuppie taste) into the can. As you get further down, add a little more, a typical hand grenade will have contained about 4 shots (and a good 2 others spilt on the floor) when drunkenly poured and drank correctly.

The term handgrenade comes about because as you top it up you should be left with a near pure shot of vodka with a tint of coke at the bottom, blowing you away.

Best enjoyed with a fine vodka like Absolut. Absolut with lemon if you're kind've fruity.
This club's prices are fuckin' ridiculous man. Let's go for a couple hand grenade's and come back, then maybe someone'll look pretty.
by BreakdownV1 February 24, 2006
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