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when you profess your love for someone and they reply saying they already knew about it, without reciprocating.
Princess Leia: i love you
Han Solo: i know
Princess Leia: fuck he Han Solo'd me
by 88slamking November 25, 2010
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when you jerk it on a girls face while she sleeps and put a paper towel on her face. when it dries it is in the form of her face like han solo in star wars. hence han solo'd.
dude sophie got han solo'd last night!
by Zakk F January 05, 2010
When a male places his balls in the snow, so they shrivel up. Then while a friend or partner is sleeping you place your balls in there mouth. as they warm up they expand.
Man last night Kelly got so hammered she passed out on the couch so I fucking Han Solo'd that slut.
by tommyshort July 27, 2009

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