to be a stinky-ass tech kid incessantly questioning a girl about pooping on her chest and then schmearing your butt in it to give yourself a "schtank-ass" leaving her with only the promise that you'll be hot in 4 years
"Will couldn't resist the urge to hamilnate me at the party"

"What a prick"
by JJ O'Connor December 09, 2007
Top Definition
to pull two guys away from a party and question them about how they style their mane of pubic hair. often, this involves man on man demonstrations leading to, but not limited to, questionable sexual acts such as cleveland steamers and hot karls and an occasional brown apache, but always while bumping against the ass in the manner of Afroman, which is illegal in 19 countries.
Guy 1: Jim hamilnated me a week ago and I've had confused feelings ever since.

Hamilton: I don't shave my pubes, I'm au natural.
by HamiltonBabyCakes May 17, 2008
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