basically a mixed up version of broham, (see broham)

something a foreigner might say when trying to execute a rendition of our sweet californian jargon
hey, hambro, when are we gonna get some beers and hoes
by ahren boulanger July 07, 2006
Top Definition
n. a slang term for a friend or companion. Apparently a result of combining the Spanish word for man, "Hombre" with the slang word for brother, "bro".
We are all going to the big game on Sunday. Are you going with us, hambro?
by row!dz November 01, 2010
A guy you eat hamburgers with, but he sucks to do anything else with.
"Why didn't you invite Mike to the bar?"
"He's a hambro, not a bro."
by Ass Ass In May 05, 2014
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