slang in police lexicon, meaning an untainted handgun a corrupt cop will have ready to plant on a suspect they've shot. Prevalent in New Orleans culture, during the militant state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (seen on PBS' Frontline)
My partner used to carry around a ham sandwich to pin on some poor fucker they might shoot down.
by giraffe-o August 25, 2010
1. The best sandwich on earth.
2. A sadwich consiting of ham.
3. Sometimes includes cheese.
4. mondo cool
5. someone's behind
6. yummmmmmm
7. the is no definition #7
8. nor #8
I have a ham sandwich in my pants today.
by ham_sandwich August 10, 2003
When you're SUPER pissed off and want to say EVERY WORD IN THE BOOK, just say HAM SANDWICH and it takes care of ALL your problems!
I stubbed my toe, REALLY HARD..... "OH HAM SANDWICH!!!!!!"
by tea kettle combat August 14, 2006
Although usually used as a punishment for bad sex, a ham sandwich can also be something for kinky and wierd chicks. It begins with a man walking up and down a girls body with his legs stratilling her body (she is laying down and he is standing) he then shits all over her untill he is done. He then continues by pissing all over her body. He finally completes the sandwich by laying on top of her.
Dude, that chich was so bad last night i had to give her a ham sandwich.
by Lonestar Comet June 11, 2008
I mean this is great ham sandwiches are two pieces of ham put on the outside of one or more pieces of bread then chewed swallowed and in a day poo pooed out of his/her doo hicky.
wait one minute while i fix my self pickles on a plate then wee dance the night away tugg tugg.
by king of doo hicky'z July 18, 2003
The ham sandwich can be invoked as a defense for someone who feels wrongfully accused. This comes from the saying that a good prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich, thereby pointing out that one should not presume the indicted is guilty.
Tom Delay, a congressional majority leader in the United States, was indicted on ethics violations. His colleagues came to his defense by invoking the "ham sandwich" defense. This defense became well known when Delay defender Senator Mike Rodgers confused the public by misusing the phrase when he said "... any attorney knows you can get an indictment with a ham sandwich." Obviously he meant "against a ham sandwich."
by Mitch Monmouth July 31, 2005
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