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hammered stoned...meaning you have drunk alot of liquor and smoked a lot of weed at the same period of time to the point where you are hammered stoned....ham'd
i got so ham'd after that shot and blunt
by Nay vera September 25, 2009
A word originally created while texting. It's too complicated to spell out the phrase "I'm hammered" so instead, it is replaced with"I'm HAMD."

A word that means extremely intoxicated.

While using this word in everyday conversation, other words like HAMD derive from it such as yelling out "HAM SANDWICH" and "HAMMAGE." When a bunch of your friends are all drunk together and you see one another, you stop, point, and yell HAM SANDWICH!
I can't believe how HAMD I am right now. Who keeps buying me drinks?!
by jepchia September 13, 2010
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