"Half Homo" is a derogatory term used to describe a straight man who exclusively engages in anal sex with women. A man who is half homo does NOT engage in any homosexual acts with men, however he does forsake vaginal intercourse and is only satisfied by sodomizing women.
Katie: Lets have a quickie!
Jacob: Ok, but only if I get to pound that ass.
Katie: Why don't we ever have normal sex? Are you Half Homo?
by Lonely Roamer March 14, 2011
Top Definition
It is not "No Homo" nor is it "Completely Homo." It is when a sexual act occurs between two people of the same gender that will not leave the relationship between the two people feeling awkward or strained because of the act, but is too gay to ever be mentioned to anyone besides themselves.
Mark: "Dude, Steve. I think we made out last night."

Steve: "No Homo!"

Mark: "Too late for that dude. Let's just not tell our friends. Half Homo! Whew, if I hadn't called that we'd be really gay right now bro."
by BjornikovTheMighty August 25, 2010
The act of being attracted to the same sex and the opposite.
Erica: Did we make out last night?
Marissa: Yes. But we were drunk totally "no homo".
Erica: Actually we are half-homo.
by halfhomogirl July 17, 2012
A bisexual male.
Often used in defence by the bisexual.
He uses it to fend off the fully gay boys because he doesn't "go the whole way" with boys.

"Hey fag boy come over here and give me some of that sweet ass"
"I'm not a fag. I'm only a half homo. You're not getting any of my sweet ass buddy."
by MINGA June 29, 2006
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