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1. (n.) A partially developed mustache with a soft, fuzzy texture instead of thick, fully developed facial hair. It is undesirable and should be shaved off as soon as possible.
2. (n.) One who sports such a mustache in a desperate attempt to appear mature or cool, but obviously falls far short of their goal. A person with a half stache usually tries to act intellectual and contantly engages in unwanted political conversation with persons who do not desire to hear the half stache's ramblings.
Look at that loser, he has a half stache.

Half stache is trying to discuss popular soveriegnty with Mr. Knix again. I wish that idiot would know his place and just shut the hell up. Nobody even cares about what he has to say.
by Board of Education May 09, 2006

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1) Half of a moustache and/or beard. Preferably the left half is kept and the right half is shaved.
Dude, the halfstache is the most innovative thing of our time. It looks sweet!
by Ian B. Line March 22, 2007