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When someone posts something popular on the internet, they are said to be "half famous".
Charlie: "Dude, nine people liked my YouTube comment!"

Josh: "Holy shit man, you're half famous!"

Charlie: "I know right? Oh, and I like your Facebook status, dude."
by ImightSPILLthatPOWERADE April 25, 2010
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A really cute Marine who vines. He raps and tries to sing, though he should stick to the rapping. He has a really nice body, but needs to tan more. Probably has a big weiner. Thank you for your service.
Snotty girl one: Halffamous is so hot!
Snotty girl two: He probably has a small cock though! I hear he does steroids. Look at how big his arms are.
Snotty girl one: Oh yeah, he def does steroids.

Smart girl: Its called working out dipshits.
by Booty Twerker April 10, 2015

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