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talented& also very beautiful, GREAT SMILE! hard to get and a very cool person :)
whos she?
thats a hajar!
by liliaaaaaaaa January 21, 2012
a girl that SNORTS everytime she laughs.
she's also the bestest friend anyone could ever have.
down to earth, and smokin' hott.
"Borat" is her boyfriend (according to her).
to every insult she recieves, she responds with saying " Ima _____(the insult you said) your FACE!!!!!!"
oh and she absolutely hates FISHSTICKS!
"Damn hajar, your ugliness might break the mirror!"
hajar: " shut up, ima BREAK your face!"
by Naomi Hajer April 24, 2008
The meaning of the name Hajar is Very Hot Afternoon
The origin of the name Hajar is Arabic
In English it is Hagar
from the story of Abraham who had 2 wifes (Hajar & Sarah)
person1: who is that
person2: thats hajar!
by hcsjdhcsi November 11, 2011
Hajar is amazing, beautiful and at the same time so hot she'll make your eyes burn. She is the bestest friend you will ever meet that is if you ever get to know her. ;) Girls wanna be her, guys wanna be with her.
Two boys sitting down and Hajar walks by:
Boy 1: Damnnnnn isn't that Hajar over there?
Boy 2: Yeahh! Isn't she so hot?
by gfhfhhf October 20, 2013
It is a hyroglefic name (language of ancient egypt/pharoahs) with the meaning of lotus flower . Its meaning shows beauty (it is like to tell somebody you are beautiful like flowers) and it is a name of a girl.
-Hajar is sitting on her chair

-Hajar is doing her homework.

(It is just a name for a girl so it can be used in any sentence)
by Jfugigub777 February 29, 2016
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