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haifista: Snake got anything planned this Halloween for LUE2? Maybe COMPLETE BANNINATION OF ALL USERS?
Snake: No, only you.
by dark October 31, 2004
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A deep user at LUE2; not alot of people truly understand him, most like dismissing him as an idiot or a troll. A user named "The Apocalyzard" gave away one of his accounts, which haifista got and started speaking his mind through. Most users liked him under the false account but when they found out it was him they even disliked him more.
LUE2ser1: Hafiesta go away, no one likes you here.
haifista: Theres people that like me...
LUE2ser2: What you basically said was "No one likes me".
haifista: Yeah. Thats exactly what I said smartass.
LUE2 Mod: I like haifista.
haifista: Atleast someone admits it.
by orncas March 11, 2005
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