A corruption of 1337 speak's "h4x0r" or "haxor", generally mocking script kiddies and the way they talk. Also a way of pretending you're 1337 when you know that it's stupid or that you know that you're not.
Dewd. I am so teh eleet hacksor.
I will hacksor your bocksor.
by toxic August 13, 2003
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Used in place of h4xx0r.
1) Used when you don't feel like being l337 or if you go for the minimalist charm eg: "lawl" "roffle".

2) When something that was good gets ruined.
1) d00d someone just hacksored me.
2) bah, tijs hacksored that choon.
by dj_blueshift May 02, 2004
Someone who is cheating during an online video game.
"Admin, will you please kick that hacksor it is obvious he is using an aim-bot."
by Chris February 15, 2004

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