n 1. slang term for 'hacker'
I'm a h4rd(0r3 h4(x0r!!!111!
by Piarr2 June 22, 2005
h4x0rs is the exact same thing as h4xx0rs, but just spelled with one x. Most players of Sc and WC 3 on b.net say h4x0rs instead of h4xx0rs.
l0l, tat n00b got so pwned wit does h4xors.
by JsRf13 March 08, 2005
A person who has exceptional skill at any particular online multiplayer game, typically first-person shooters.

Originates from the Half-life mod, Counter-Strike. Earlier versions of the game had serious security leaks, which were exploited by hackers, who created ways of infallibly winning every game. This practice was, of course, shunned by the remaining community, and the game's creators, Sierra, released patches to help prevent hacking. However, the terminology lingered on, so that someone who inevitably won every game was still referred to as a 'hacker' or more favourably 'h4x0r'
* hellsangel killed Player(2)
Player(2): where the hell did you come from?
hellsangel: hahaha i am teh 1337 h4x0r
by gorman September 17, 2005
Hacker Language for the word "Hacker"
I am a known hacker.
1 4m 4 kN0\/\/ h4x0r.
by [=N|ght-Blade=] December 31, 2005
An America's Army 2.6 clan that's been banned from pretty much every Pipeline and Weapons Cache server, these guy's don't hack, they are just better than you.

H4X0R_M1CR0: 8====D ------ (-.-) Bo0M F4c1al!

n00b: Pmfg H4X0R_M1CR0 you are so obviously aimbotting you noob

H4X0R_M1CR0: Check the screenshots b1tch

H4X0R_L3G3ND: CRY S0M3 M0R3 :P

n00b: I hope you get Pb banned asshole

H4X0R_L3G3ND: Lmao

by iPwnYou March 04, 2007
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