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Totally 31337 spelling of "hacker"
i pwn j00, f00! 1 4m 4n 37337 h4ck3r 4nd 411 y0ur b4s3 b310ng t0 us!
by Lethe June 06, 2003
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hacker magazine, "H4ck3r: The Magazine of the Digital Underworld" - based in Brazil, South America
by Villaboricua October 28, 2003
It's a human person who is unconscious pissed off about a previous abuse from another stronger human bean where used to take some physical or psychic advantage, once or frequently. The h4ck3r person takes the power of that negative energy to be two steps ahead in other situation, such as virtual environments, challenging the intelligence of IT security of a corporation or individual, in order to minimize the damage done from those in your brain or in your self confidence. In your strong effort to leave the shock behind, acquires excellent skills in social engineering, programming, logical thinking and human motivations.
A boss who tried to use your hierarchy to humiliate an employee due to jealous or any other negative feeling. This employee did your best trying to solve the situation, but in the end, blame yourself. To be a h4ck3r is a way to get revenge and justice in order to fight back in a virtual environment where the opponent does not have hierarchy power anymore.
by F3L1P40 April 10, 2008

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