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Acronym for "Hammered Dog Ass". Completely lacking in aesthetic merit, extremely ugly, displeasing to the eye and viscera. The resulting visual summary of an already homely subject after a losing impact with something large, heavy and iron.

May also be used to express feeling under the weather, i.e. "I feel like____."
M: That girl was pretty cute last night man, it's a shame I wasn't able to go home with her.

B: On the contrary, she had the beak of a falcon, no chin, and a dusky mustache. She looked like HDA, (Hammered Dog Ass.)
by bwho November 10, 2008
46 24
"Hit Dat Ass"
"ey' man, I see you talkin' to ol' bird over there. HDA or wha'"
by C40 December 08, 2011
0 10
Head Disk Assembly, the part of a computer's hard drive which stores the data.
Typically when a drive experiences the Click of Death (ake the OMGWTF I just lost my data) noise the head comes in contact with the disk due to the collapse of the micrometre thickess air bearing from contact with a particle, resulting in massive damage known as a head crash.

Normally the end result is a bricked hard drive, which is recoverable if you are lucky and have a couple of K$ to spend on data recovery in a clean room.

Interestingly a hard disk will instantly crash if opened up and smoke blown onto the disk while spinning, useful for demonstration purposes but ruins the drive

Sometimes a failed drive can be salvaged by the careful replacement of the head assembly from a donor drive, this is a last resort and can make things worse in most cases.
Dude, your HDA just went flatline. Hope you have backups.
by conundrum8472 September 24, 2010
4 15
The perfect ass in jeans!
"Holy smokes, check out the HDA on her."
by EH&CH October 14, 2008
3 23
Hands-Down Adorable- someone who is so cute it's almost unbearable
I think every American girl agrees that Michael Cera is HDA.
by clockiewitch July 02, 2009
3 28