Someone who is clever but won't tell or show until he's got you cornered or won. The hyper-smart individual who works in secret.

Characteristics of the second of the Noordin brothers from CommonHub.
Example: Steve Jobs, The second of the Noordin brothers, etc...

"Either he is a h-dawg or he cheated on that test."
by Kam Choor August 09, 2006
(noun) A name given to fly professors/teachers who, unlike their janky colleagues, are approachable by students seeking assistance in all areas of life, ranging from quadratic equations and constructing a decent sentence, all the way to advice on who to date. Hdawgs are the only trustworthy teachers in a given academic situation or building.
Yo, I f'nna show hdawg my new kicks.
by Mickey Halloran November 06, 2007
Somebody that's a skinny man.
Martin: Hey there skinny man.
Ronan: Call me H-Dawg.
by Gerry Mullin February 15, 2008

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