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Like a forward roll mixed with a dive roll but goes all wrong, so u end up looking like a gypsy, hence the gypsy roll.
Twat1: "Hey that roll looked crazy"
Twat2: "yeh something like a gypsy would do"
Twat1: "you what?"
Twat2: "yes my boy, the beloved gypsy roll"
by Luke "The Gypsy King" Mellis February 21, 2009
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Placing the highest denomination note, like a c note on the bottom of a stack of bills and then folding it up to give the appearance that you have a stack of c note's, or in any case a lot more money than you actually have. Primarily used for showing off or showin up.
How much money you got son, (pulls out the gypsy roll), "I got enough" - "Oh, oh, oh, we got us a high roller up in here"
by BMoney July 31, 2006
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A substantial bundle of banknotes that you keep in your pocket. Earned from doing cash jobs and not declared to the tax man.
Does your accountant know about that gypsy roll John?
by OscarLola August 19, 2007
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