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v., command form: to get down, duck for cover, take shelter, hide from an attack. it is also commonly used as an expletive to intimidate, scare, surprise, or humiliate foes.

pronunciation notes: meant to be said with a heavy Austrian accent as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say it during a climactic action scene in a movie. the "h" in "dahoun" is nearly silent, but not quite. it JUST BARELY splits the "dahoun" into two syllables, but this feature is nearly inaudible. only true masters of the phrase can pronounce it correctly. the "ou" should be pronounced as the "u" sound in "due." once again, this sound should be very subtle, so that the word said as a whole sounds like a distorted pronunciation of the normal pronunciation of the word "down."

variations in spelling: any combination of geht, get, or gyet, with dauwn, dahoon, dahoun, or daown
*as a random projectile (possibly shrapnel, rocks, a rocket, or disembodied limb) approaches Matt at ludicrously high velocity*
Matt: Incoming projectile, GYET DAHOUN!

*immediately prior to shotgunning an enemy while playing Halo 2 online*
Matt: Gyet dahoun, you ideeoht!
Enemy: F--*expletive cut off by sound of shotgun pellets flying through head and subsequent death*
by Big Smokin' Angus February 15, 2006
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