A 'Gwa' is a person with a general chernobyl look to them. They have a recessed chin, overbite, a sharp or overlarge nose, lazy eye and/or usually accompanied by other rat-like features. The recessed chin and overbite is mandatory. They are best determined by seeing a side profile. Its almost like their chin becomes one with their neck. Think of the movie "Gummo" or your typical trailer trash. The defination was created by after noticing the evolving "look" of people. These "gwa's" got their name by basically looking like the only word they could spit past their stonehenge teeth would be "Gwa!"
Holy shitballs! Look at the Gwa's picking through the dumpster! "Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" (then insert laugh here)
by Jenni Cartoon September 20, 2006
Top Definition
Game Was A Success
good game
joe: just won a 5v5 clan war on cs
Trust`: gwas
by Rick James irl September 08, 2007
An online gaming abbreviation for "Game was a success", generally used when another clan humiliates another clan.
You got owned lololulul gwas!
by Gwasball August 01, 2008
Ginger With Attitude
A redhead/ginger who is percieved as a one with attitude
by Kat Watson May 28, 2004
Ginger With Attitude!

used in brittish army to describe squadies with ginger hair
look at that guy he's a right GWA
by buzz December 22, 2003
The complete opposite of swag. You'll know it when you see it.
Takkies with jeans (only Steve Jobs can rock that shit; we know he can afford better shoes, but he just chooses to wear them anyway)

Takkies with shorts (because... no)


"Jeep" polo shirts

Gwas is not restricted to attire only. It can appear in situations, a person's character and even everyday conversations.

Friend: Steven Hawking has speech gwas.
Me: You're an asshole
by TheCrypticWarrior May 29, 2012
What minorities in North America tend to say when they are confronted with a task/idea/notion/person/thing/place/time so happy and American and terrible at the same time that basically makes them want to barf all over the place and play dead until other minorities come up with a solution.

Really it's just an acronym for Gay White American Shit.
Pronounced goo`Ass
minority1: So my brother goes to jail for 5 years for possessing marijuana... but that guy gets 2 years probation for raping a 14 year old?!

minority2: GWAS, bro. Pretty GWAS indeed.


minority1: the fuck this that wigger say about my mother?!

minority2: just take a seat please, this GWAS didn't say nothing about your mother.


minority1: people riot in northern african countries to overthrow dictators... and here we see riots over a hockey game that we knew we were gonna lose.

minority2: gwas, I know...
by minority1 August 29, 2011
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