Noun: An individual that will befriend your woman, against HER better judgement, only to try to get in her pants through the use of building bonds/pity/lies/sneaking around because they know that if you knew that she was friends with HIM you would assault HIM.

Guyfriends are not trust worthy and normally carry diseases such as herpes and HPV. These will STD's will generally go unnoticed until YOU contract them, then SHE will blame you to hide her guilt.
DUDE: "I don't like him, he has cheated on his woman before. But now I'm suppossed to just trust him with you?"
CHICK: "Yes."
DUDE: "I don't. He's a liar and he has openly told other people he wants to bang you."
CHICK:"He didn't mean it, he's my pal, my GUYFRIEND. And he means more to me than any of my other friends, he doesn't judge me and he is there when you and I are arguing to keep me sane and tell me I am being dramatic. He has kept us together more than once."
DUDE: "Pack your crap if you can't NOT be his friend, because I'm not gonna stand for it."
CHICK: "Fine, I'm leaving." -she leaves
DUDE: "Damn."
by Wordyman February 06, 2010
One's boy friend in a monogamous homosexual relationship.
"Mike met James just last week, fell in love with him, and now Mike is James' guy friend."
by Kevin Bergman January 26, 2005

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