A regional variant common to southern New England for the practical joke/sexual practice known elsewhere as the Dutch oven: i.e. when one partner holds another partner's head beneath a blanket and passes gas.
Sheets are OK for a gutter helmet, but for the real, face-full-of-flatulence effect, you need to go with a down comforter.
by OrangeTruck November 30, 2012
Top Definition
A two-ply condom used when going skanking or engaging in questionable activities with skanks or suspected skanks..
Bobby needs to use a gutter helmet before he lays the pipe to Britney, Paris, Nicole or any of those other skanks.
by Scott Frea September 19, 2006
Gutter Helmet is the act of getting a blow job from a dirty girl.
Tony always sneak's around with Jennifer so nobody see's then, be he secretly hopes for a little gutter helmet.
by -cM June 18, 2007
A condom
Got to run by the store and grab a box of gutter helmets before I hit that skanks' place.
by surveyor3 December 04, 2013
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