a gurl you have sex wit an uze when u got a gurlfriend
this gurlz juz ma gutter bitch
by thizz lizz November 17, 2006
Top Definition
1. a down ass bitch who is extremely profane in every way and does not care what anyone thinks of her for being so
2. a woman who is very vulgar and usually offensive when speaking (especially in public)
3. a woman who's general behavior is usually inappropriate and unacceptable through the eyes of an upstanding, well behaved, law obiding citizen. The opinion of others does not bother her, nor change her and she is proud to be the way she is
1. Don't fuck with that girl, she's a straight gutter bitch.
2.That bitch is fresh out the gutter
by sogutter October 24, 2009
(n): A Person who spends more time at your place than at their own place. Not necessarily unwelcome, this person can be a good friend. But when asked where they came from they will generally answer, "They found me lying face-down in the gutter."
Nate: Hey dude, welcome to my new place.
Jourdan: Nice. Who's that guy?
Nate: Oh this is Spencer.
Spencer: Hey!
Jourdan: Dude where you living at?
Spencer: They found me lying face-down in the gutter.
Nate: Yeah, He's our Gutterbitch
by JourdanWithaU August 25, 2008
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