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a perfect person you could meet!! and single:)
describes someone sweet, funny, loving, smart, and absolutely gorgeous;)
Being a gunjan is the best thing in the whole world!!
by jnugan October 13, 2004

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someone who sleeps all the time
stop being such a gunjan and get off your lazy ass
by popatlal September 24, 2003
The Hottest person at the North Hills
Khoa Loves Gunjan the hottest person at The North Hills
by Pizzleonmydrizzzleakadoug November 22, 2004
One who is short of cash.
Preetish went to a club with a girl and came back as a Gunjan.
by Champu Champinder December 07, 2010
Very very very very very very
very very very very very
by >>>>>>> January 26, 2005
Describing a personality that is epitome of laziness, seedyness and cheap one liners. Also used to describe seedy bearded perverts.
Stop staring like a gunjan
by gunjan June 18, 2014