One of those issues that, regardless of your stance, pisses you off whenever it gets brought up.
Person A: "You know, I really think gun control is-"
Person B: "You shut the FUCK up!"
by ColeYote January 17, 2013
1. To use a firearm in such a way as to accuratly hit your target.
For better gun control, use both hands and hold your breath before firing.
by HiddenKrypt November 10, 2004
Type of legislation advocated primarily by big government proponents and "liberal" (sub)urban sheep who apparently think that it's a better idea to call the cops and wait up to fifteen minutes for them while some jerk is stealing your stuff, killing your spouse/kids/you, instead of shooting him dead before he gets the chance to. Gun control isn't always aimed at outlawing guns or certain types of guns, but putting (usually) silly restrictions on where a gun owner can keep their firearm in relation to the accessability to children, ammunition, etc.

As far as banning guns, well, drugs like weed, coke, LSD, and a whole lot more are currently illegal, and look how many KIDS, let alone adults, use that stuff. Hell, a few years ago in Washington DC, 69 per 100,000 were murdured via gunfire in one year, while, in the same year, 9 per 100,000 were murdured via gunfire in Indianapolis, a city with comparatively minimal gun control. And don't cite the gun accidents that occur every year to try and justify taking away everyone's guns. People get into car accidents due to drunkeness every year, so why don't we ban alcohol and cars? In fact, whenever someone dies as a result of mishandeling a purchaseable product, let's ban that product! Yeah, that makes sense! Humanity will be back to 10,000 BC in no time!
God knows that M-16s are machineguns, Colt 1911s are "assault weapons," and any gun that fires a higher caliber than "BB" is capable of "mass destruction." No one (except the Loving, Caring, All-Knowing State, of course) should be allowed to possess such horrible tools of destruction, because the common man is just too stupid and ignorant to operate them properly. And besides, what does the common man need them for anyway? It's not like someone is ever going to break into their home with ill intent, or that the government would ever abuse it's power and do a nation-wide purge of "socially-dangerous individuals" is it???
by Mob_Triggerman November 28, 2004
Guns are used far more to save life than take it. In one year alone, almost 200,000 women saved themselves from sexual assault because they had the right to defend there lives. In 95% of cases where a firearm is used in self-defense, the trigger is never pulled. The mere threat of force deters attacks. I find this inaccurate. I respect his right to his views but I don't have to agree with him.
by jlueck1 October 13, 2003
A plan that has already failed because it only drives the gun sellers underground and makes the guns more available on the black merket.
I bought myself an Uzi, a '45, and an M-16 from the black market thanks to the gun control laws.
by AYB April 30, 2003
A brainless scheme formulated by liberal twits to limit or register guns owned by honest, decent, law-abiding citizens, but NOT guns owned by crips, bloods, Pachucos, and other criminals.

You will often see a senator set up a table with a dozen guns on it. She will tell you that this gun was used to hold up a liquor store, and this gun was used to kill a child. But that senator will NEVER set up a row of Pachucos, and tell you that this Pachuco held up a liquor store, and this Pachuco killed a child. Liberals do not want you to know that criminals kill people with guns. They would rather have you believe that guns are inherently evil.
Senaturd Dianne Fartstain wants YOU to have gun control. She wants to take away YOUR gun, but not the crips' guns, because she wants you to be unable to defend yourself.
by The Wog Whomper May 05, 2005
Something stupid morons think will solve crime. Think guns cause crime, not criminals.
by Piznimp October 21, 2003
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