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A term used in reference to gay male prisoners as an insult to a staight male prisoner.
Hey Meyers!, I heard you 'been fuckin' that gumpy in the shower!
by larry January 18, 2004
7 34
A slow moving, clumsy, uncordinated, person,sometimes, obese and or chubby
Caleb Harley is gumpy
by Bill Dabbert January 24, 2008
202 86
When two people who seem to have no skill in anything, have big feet, are awkwardly tall, and move their hands wildly play each other in a one on one game of basketball.
Damn fool... Caleb and Brett are hella gumpy out their on the court. They should be euthanized or something.
by DSizzzzzzzzzzle February 07, 2008
111 97
Someone who is dorky and uncordinated like.
Man that guy is gumpy as hell
by MattPo May 24, 2003
124 116
A massive, angry-looking pimple or spot
Whoah! Check out the gumpy on the guy's neck!
by stowball August 31, 2011
36 41
1. adj; combination of lurpy and derpy

2. Forrest Gumpy, ie, retarded, stupid, or otherwise downsy

3. creeperish, stalkery, appearing drunken, or loopy in the brain
lookit lurpy john, lurpin his lurpy ass over here.. shit he's beyond lurpy, that fucker's straight gumpy!
by The Wumpus January 12, 2013
2 10
a person that is uncoordinated
Look at that fuckin gumpy guy, he can't move his ass right
by GumpyMan04 May 29, 2006
33 45
Can be used in different terms, but the true definition of gumpy is used to describe someone in a not necessarily offensive way, just kind of matter-a-factly.

Typically gumps are:

mostly teen boys 15-19/
Stop being so gumpy.
by whoosyadaddy October 01, 2006
39 55