Slang for members of the Gujarati speaking people from the western most state of India. Gujarati are known throughout their country as being intensely business minded.

In America the Guju have overtaken the convenience store, cheap motel and other businesses which require little to no knowledge of customer service. (They occasionally venture into customer service oriented businesses and fields where product knowledge is essential and fail miserably)

The Guju-American is characterized by his refusal to let go of the superstitious beliefs and folk tales of his homeland (ex: drinking anything cold is responsible for 99% of all illnesses) and his stout refusal to assimilate into other cultures. He is too cheap to purchase deodorant and soap and will risk shame and his very integrity to save a penny on a purchase. He literally worships money. He smells bad and has no conception of personal space.
"You think you got the flue from drinking that cold slushie? What are you, a Guju?"

"Some Guju just bought the kwik-market down the street, and now the whole place smells like ass and curry."

"Did you get that raise and vacation time you were hoping for this year?" "Naw, man, by boss is a freakin' Guju!"
by Mistah Fungool August 20, 2009
a breed of nefarious indians who cant speak english to save their lives, who sell their mother/brother/sister to make the extra penny, were generational illiterate farmers till they learned about trading (petrol pump, roadside motel, gambling, prostitution, black market, gray market, brown envelops and blue film market) from the englishmen. miserly, boorish, money worshiping, back stabbing snakes who think its perfectly cool to live of other countries and peoples while giving nothing back in return. They never join the army and never seem to be able to find any positive quality in other people except among their own cow pee drinking money worshiping petrol pumpers.
you eat grass to save pennies? you must be guju.

you got used and thrown?? that guy must be a guju - they are the inventors of the "expendable society"
by the lawd October 23, 2010
A race of genetic failures that will not spend a penny to give an infant a breath of air. They are known to murder their own family in order hord free items, such as water, dirt or oxygen. Guju refers to a race of individuals that are incapable of using any other ingrediants in their food besides oil and sugar (with the occasional stray onion added). They are known to borrow a knife from an individual and then proceed to plunge it into said individuals back, and then ask to borrow 20 bucks to dry clean said individuals blood off of the guju's clothing.
The IRS learned their trade from a Guju
by Markus B. October 05, 2007
a miser who will starve to save money
he ate fresh air so he could buy a house
by az July 27, 2004
wannabe coolie. but no competition
Guju people that try to be coolie
by cooliebai January 21, 2006
Basically "Good Jew." Very stingy and shady race. They have smelly food and smell really bad. Most of their female species have too much hair on them and still won't let you have sex with them. Good luck with this race.
Bob: Wow, Jinder, you are pretty cheap you stupid guju...
Jinder: I must be cheap, that's the worst thing anyone has ever called me...I'm going to jump off a bridge.
by GuJu LoVer February 07, 2005

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