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The really sick fucks who post bullshit definitions like this on urban dictionary:

232. The Jelly Donut:

When you take a dead baby, sit around it, cut a hole in it's head, and fuck the hole.
Oh man, my dick is all bloody after that jelly donut.

A user said this is hateful: "very, very disturbing! This person needs serious help."
Yes it it very disturbing what these Canadian "fags" post here.
by sick fuckin pukes October 18, 2004
hey tardfuckers

- see word poop feckers
by TJ Poopfecker May 12, 2004
A bunch of buttfuckin COLLEGE hippies.
Bunch of sick fuckin assholes who need their fuckin heads splattered.
by die you faggots February 15, 2005
Hey miscers fuck off!

I hope you get raped and killed.
Oh yeah and...........
by lick my sweet delicious balls April 27, 2005